What Is Figma Mission?

What Is Figma Mission?

Figma was launched in September 2012 as a collaborative interface design tool. It was created to address the challenges faced by designers in collaborating on projects remotely and in real time.

The founders, Dylan Field and Evan Wallace, recognized the need for a tool that would enable seamless collaboration and improve the design workflow.

What Is Figma Mission?

Figma's mission is to make design accessible and collaborative for everyone involved in the design process. The tool aims to empower designers, developers, and stakeholders to work together efficiently and effectively, regardless of their location or device.

Figma seeks to revolutionize the way design teams collaborate and create by providing a cloud-based platform with powerful design and prototyping features.


In conclusion, Figma's mission is to enable designers to collaborate seamlessly and create exceptional digital experiences. With its cloud-based platform and collaborative features, Figma has become a popular choice among design teams worldwide.

By continually improving and innovating its product, Figma strives to simplify the design process and empower designers to bring their ideas to life.