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Orange car ad template

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This ad could have used a nice button somewhere but I'd have to resize the car and waste another hour of my life making layers look balanced. But that's your job now. You're welcome!

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, American car manufacturers used bright orange cars to promote new vehicles. They did this to draw attention to the vehicles- not to advertise for orange paint as a color, but to highlight how a car's color affects its marketing. The concept is that a car's orange color makes it stand out on the road and attract more attention than one painted a neutral hue such as white or grey. The advertising strategy works: the bright orange car becomes iconic and is instantly recognized by most people.

Marketing experts recommend that new vehicle models have unique colors so that buyers perceive their cars as unique and stand out from other vehicles on the road. The same applies to marketing materials such as posters, signs and pamphlets. Based on that, automakers use different orange hues for their marketing materials. For instance, if an orange hue is not readily available, manufacturers may use a red or yellow hue instead. Even after using an orange hue for its marketing materials, an automobile manufacturer may find that its car still stands out from other vehicles on the road due to its distinctive orange color.

The orange hue is a strong color that grabs attention due to its vividness and warmth. In addition, it contrasts well with white, black and light blue hues. Hence, using an orange car makes sense from a marketing perspective since it presents a lively and vibrant image to potential buyers. At first glance, an orange car appears vibrant and lively in contrast with neutral background colors such as white or blue. Moreover, compared to other dark hues such as midnight blue or black, orange appears much brighter in person due to its high luminosity index (LI). This means that an orange car appears even brighter than it does in photographs due to its rich shade and vibrancy.

An orange car stands out among others because of its intense color; it seems brighter than normal models and draws more attention from drivers and pedestrians alike. In addition, the intense hue of an orange car makes drivers feel warm and friendly toward it compared to cold blue or black cars. An orange car also looks more lively than a standard model because of its brighter coloring. To some extent, this may be due to the fact that bright hues such as orange tend to make people feel happier compared to duller hues such as purple or cobalt blue.

According to American car marketers in the past, using an orange car enhances brand recognition since it creates an iconic image for potential customers. The marketing strategy works since bright orange cars become instantly recognizable by most people. Essentially, using an orange car makes sense from a marketing perspective since it creates an emotional response in buyers comparable to similar blues such as royal blue or sky blue.

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