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Business ad template

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Just two business people doing business. Dark background, teal accent colors and a picture of what it looks like a corporate meeting. I don't know anything about meetings and that stuff so I don't know how formal is this supposed to be. I'm confused why is the worman wearing a suit and the guy wearing a hoodie, maybe he's the CEO. I don't know, there's too many questions and not enough time.

Frequently asked questions:

We design a template in 3 ad sizes. you can open one with the closest aspect ratio to the size you're looking for - then on the right panel you can add/pick your ad size and move the layers a bit until the content fits on the screen. We don't have the time nor the resources to design ads for every existing resolution, but with a bit of effort you can do it yourself. We belive in you!

What can I do with this FREE ad template?

  • You can easily resize it to fit any ad resolution
  • You can download it as png or as svg and use it for your campaigns
  • You can customize the text, colors, fonts and images
  • You can use the ad templates with no restrictions, however you like
  • You can print it on a piece of paper, forget about it for a few days and then find it and throw it in the bin
  • It's literally a free banner template, does it even matter if you can do stuff with it or not?