Is There a Scale Tool in Figma?

Is There a Scale Tool in Figma?

Are you wondering if there is a scale tool in Figma? Well, you're in luck! Figma does indeed have a powerful scale tool that allows you to resize and transform your designs with ease.

The Scale Tool in Figma

When working on your designs in Figma, you may often find the need to resize or scale elements. This is where the scale tool comes in handy. With this tool, you can quickly adjust the size of any selected object or group.

To access the scale tool, simply select the objects or groups that you want to resize. You can do this by clicking and dragging a selection box around the desired elements or by holding down the Shift key and clicking on multiple objects.

Using the Scale Tool

Once you have your elements selected, look for the scaling handles that appear at the corners and sides of the bounding box around your selection. These handles allow you to resize your objects proportionally or non-proportionally depending on your needs.

  • Proportional Scaling: To resize an object while maintaining its proportions, click and drag any corner handle. This will scale both the width and height of the object together.
  • Non-Proportional Scaling: If you want to resize an object without maintaining its proportions, click and drag any side handle. This will only change either the width or height of the object, allowing for more flexible adjustments.

Note: Holding down the Shift key while dragging a handle will lock the aspect ratio of your selection, making it easier to maintain proportions even during non-proportional scaling.

Precise Scaling with Numeric Inputs

If you require more precise control over the scaling of your objects, Figma also allows you to enter specific numeric values. Simply select the object or group, and in the properties panel on the right-hand side, you can enter precise measurements for width and height.

Additionally, if you want to scale an object by a certain percentage, you can also enter a percentage value in the properties panel. This is particularly useful if you need to scale multiple objects by the same factor.


The scale tool in Figma is a powerful feature that allows you to resize and transform your designs effortlessly. Whether you need to maintain proportions or make non-proportional adjustments, Figma provides all the necessary tools for precise scaling. So go ahead and give it a try – experiment with different scales to achieve the perfect design!