Is Canva Publicly Traded?

Is Canva Publicly Traded?

Canva, the popular design platform that has taken the world by storm, is not currently publicly traded. However, that may be changing soon. According to CEO Melanie Perkins, the company is planning to become publicly traded in the near future. 

"We're very much focused on IPO-ing the business," Perkins said in an interview with the Australian Financial Review. "It's something that's on the agenda for the future."

Canva's success has been nothing short of remarkable. In the past five years, the company has grown from a small startup with a few thousand users to a global enterprise with millions of users. 

It's no wonder that investors are clamoring for a piece of this action. But until Canva makes the jump to public markets; they'll have to wait. 

Is Canva Publicly Traded?

That said, the company is already worth a staggering amount. In 2020, Canva was valued at $6 billion following its latest funding round, making it one of the most valuable private companies in Australia.

Although Canva is still a privately held company; it's already taken some steps to ensure a smooth transition to public markets. 

The company recently appointed a chief financial officer, who will be responsible for the company's finances and its eventual IPO - The company has also unveiled an employee share scheme, which will allow employees to buy shares in the company. 

These steps, combined with the company's meteoric growth, make it clear that an IPO is on the horizon. Ofcourse, there's no telling when exactly that will happen, but it's likely to be sooner rather than later. 

So, to answer the question: Is Canva publicly traded? Not yet - But it looks like it won't be too long before it is.