Free alternative to Canva but for display ads

Free alternative to Canva but for display ads

If you're looking for the TLDR version: we're the free alternative to canva but for ads.

Now, if you're passionate about reading long blog posts about google searches that are pretty much written only for bots and search engines, well you've come to the right place. This post is not proofread and it probably has a bunch of typos and grammatical errors, but who cares - it contains keywords in headers and has backlinks so this is what probably got you here. So let's get started.

1. Are we really a free alternative to Canva?

We are free. We make our money from google ads. But we're only for banner ads. This is all we have and nothing else. And if I might ad(d) (hehe) our designs are objectively better than Canva's designs. Ask anyone you know and they'll say the same thing. 

I've just realized that this whole article is going to mix singular pronouns and plurals and I want it to be clear from the start that there's no one else involved in this thing. It's just me, but being professional aF I act like there's a whole team behind, so that you'll think that WE know what we're doing. But I don't. I can only design stuff. I can't code, so that's why the ad editor is broken in all kind of ways and it's full of bugs. 

2. But do you have free banner templates?

You can be absolutely sure of that. We definitely have free banner templates. Check this link out. A bunch of banner templates, free to use, easy to use and nice to look at. They're professional, they're cool, and they convert (people to atheism). I was joking with the last part, I don't know if they convert or not, I'm just a designer I've never actually tested any of them. My only goal is to make them look nice. 

3. What about Youtube banner templates?

Thing is, we design our ads in 3 sizes: 300 x 250, 728 x 90 and 300 x 600. From there on you can easily make the canvas bigger and move around the layers a bit so they can fit the custom size you need the banner to be. 

So, in theory yes, you can use our ads as youtube banners. But they're not really that practical you know. These are ads, not banners. If you're looking for banners you should go and try Canva or some other alternative. 

3. What about a free ad banner editor?

Yeah, well we have a javascript editor you can use to edit the banners directly in browser, no sign up needed. You just edit your stuff, replace your images and download the ad. But it's really not that polished. It works at least, which is nice. You can check out our ad example here. Click on any of the 3 banners and start playing by/with yourself. 

4. How does the ads banner look? Are they nice? 

I'm glad you asked, because we pride ourselves with the best looking free ad templates on the whole f*wking internet. No one else comes even close to the ads we have. Let me show you a couple of examples. I'm sure you'll dig them fr no cap

Click on them, pick the size and start editing the templates. All free!

Bet you're impressed now, aren't you! And these are just the horizontal ones, which are not that great to begin with. But we don't like to toot our own horn that much so we'll let you decide. 

5. Are these ads useable for facebook campaigns?

I generally design them as google display ads, so they're mainly standardized in size to be displayed as banners. But you could easily adapt them to be facebook ads. Just resize the canvas, move the text around a bit, resize some other layers, see that the whole thing looks awful now because there's no alignment settings for the text, give up and use Canva instead. 

I'm just kidding. Not really. The part about aligning layers it's true though. But yeah, to answer your question with another question: are you willing to make some minor edits so you can use the banners for your facebook campaigns as ads? If your answer is yes then our answer is yes too. 

6. Can I use these free ad templates for TikTok?

How the f*wk are you going to use these on tiktok? They're not videos, are they? No, of course not. 
I'm just kidding, of course you can use them on TikTok! You can do anything and everything is possible if you just belive! 

But on a serious note, I'm not sure if when you're reading this we have an animation option added or not. But if we do, then you can definitely use the exported videos as ad templates for your tiktok campaigns. 
But if we didn't and there is not template animation then I'm sorry to say that you will probably not use our free templates for your tiktok campaigns. 

7. Do you have free video ads?

Like I said before, if we have animations implemented by the time you're reading this it means you can make video ads. If you're not from the future, then I'm sorry but we don't have them for you. 
But, I mean I don't believe in all that time travel b*llshit. If you're from the future then prove it. Until then, no video ads for you. Please leave.

8. Are you a free alternative to Creatopy? 


9. What about Bannerflow?


8. Are you a free alternative to Netflix? 

No, why the f*wk would we be an alternative to Netflix?

9. Are you the best free ad editor on the internet? 

Well, at least we're free. 

10. How are the ads you design so nice and high quality? 

Well, I'm glad you asked. I've been a designer for a couple of years now, so I have a decent amount of experience with UI/UX design. Now, since a recession happened because some russian midget decided to invade Ukraine there's not a lot of freelance work going on, at least not for me it isn't. (It might be because I've been told I have an attitude problem) 
So at that point I had 2 options: either watch TikTok videos of 20 years old attractive females barely clothed give life advice or start a free ad template website and make the world a better place. 

You obviously know by now what was my decision: that's right, I watched tiktok videos. For a long time. I mean, I still am. 
But from time to time I design 1-2 more ads so I can feel better about myself. And I guess over time the templates started stacking up, so there are a few to pick from. 

11. What's the favorite ad banner you've designed?

The one with your mother in it. Unfortunately we couldn't upload that one on our shared host because she was too big. We have a 10gb storage limit.

Anyway, I like these. I think they ended up looking pretty nice. 
If you like them too and want to edit them just click on them!

12. Ok but what about global warming?

What about global warming?

13. Does a free ad template generator makes the world a better place?

I guess it's like relative, you know. 
Like for example if you're advertising your casino to 15 year old kids and one of them ends up winning a large amount of money and he buys his poor mother a house and donates to save endangered dolphins then yes. The world is better because of us. But if he doesn't win, then no. 

These are complicated morality questions and we don't do morality here. We do free ad templates here

So let's summarize this AMA:

You can use 8designers in any shape or form you like, but it's mainly a free tool to create display ads for google campaigns. It don't make the world a better place, it don't save no dolphins and it probably contributes to global warming. But on the plus side the banners look pretty cool so it all evens out. 

It's a decent and free alternative to Canva. And I hope you find it useful. I hope it makes you happy because it doesn't really do anything for me and if it doesn't do anything for anyone then all my work doesn't mean anything. And that makes me even more sad. And when I'm sad I watch TikTok. I mean, I watch TikTok either way, I don't care about what you think.

This informal style of writing is just an experiment, I'm definitely not r3t4rd3d.  After all is said and done I'll be breaking balls and measuring stats and publishing a paper with a misleading title about how acting dumb on the internet helps you get indexed better on search engines. Why? Because of science. 

What is online advertising?

Advertising has become a part of our daily lives. We can't escape advertisements on television, the internet, and our mobile phones. Many people find these advertisements useful and don't mind them at all. Others find them annoying and intrusive. Advertisements are a useful way to make money; however, they can be replaced with free advertising options.

Most people find advertisements useful and don't mind them at all. They promote products and inform people about current events. Advertisement is one of the main ways for businesses to make money. People also use the internet for free. They download free apps like Google ads for their phone or tablet. These are all ways people earn money without paying advertisers. Advertisements have many advantages over other forms of advertising. That's why many users aren hert ads annoying or harmful to their health.

One of the biggest problems with Google ads is how harmful they can be to your health and privacy. Many websites use ads to generate revenue. They use their users' data to create targeted advertisements. This leads to dangerous outcomes for users. People end up downloading harmful apps or making purchases without meaning to. Thankfully, there are plenty of alternatives for free advertising online. For example, businesses use Facebook ads for free- the social media giant makes billions off of user data every year. Apps and websites also use social media to spread information to the public- again, for free. Anyone willing to put in a little legwork can replace Google ads with more suitable options.

The best alternative is using alternative means of advertising or promotion. There are plenty of them out there- and they're all completely free of charge! Free social media accounts such as Twitter or Facebook have lots of potential customers. You can also use websites such as Reddit or forums where people talk openly about their problems and interests. There's no shortage of ways to get your information out to the public without payin g a single cent!

Advertising has become one of the most prolific ways for businesses to make money. Thankfully, there are plenty of free advertising options available. Users can replace Google ads with other means such as Facebook ads or forums. Anyone willing to put in a little work can replace Google ads with more suitable options!

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