Can You Add Font to Canva?

Can You Add Font to Canva?

Can You Add Font to Canva?

Yes, you totally can! But there's a catch – you'll need a PRO account to do it. So, what exactly is a PRO account, and why is it essential for adding fonts in Canva? Let's dive in!

What is a PRO account?

A PRO account is like a special VIP pass to unlock extra cool features on Canva. It's a paid subscription that gives you access to a bunch of premium tools and resources to level up your design game.

With a PRO account, you get an impressive collection of fancy fonts, graphics, illustrations, and templates that aren't available to free users. It's like having your own secret treasure chest of design goodies!

Aside from the fonts, you also get to resize your designs effortlessly. Need to switch from an Instagram post to a Facebook cover? No worries, the PRO account makes it a breeze!

Plus, you'll have the power to magically remove backgrounds from photos. Say goodbye to awkwardly cropped images, and say hello to smooth and professional-looking designs!

Why do you need a PRO account to add fonts?

Canva knows how much we all love cool fonts, and they've packed the PRO account with tons of them. Unfortunately, these exclusive fonts are reserved for PRO users only.

By getting a PRO account, you're getting your hands on a vast library of fonts that can take your designs from meh to wow! Whether you want to add elegance, fun, or a touch of quirkiness to your creations, Canva's got the perfect font for you.

Of course, it's essential to support the awesome folks behind Canva, too! By subscribing to the PRO account, you help them keep the platform running smoothly and keep the creativity flowing for everyone.


In a nutshell, if you're a font fanatic and want to have access to a treasure trove of fonts, the answer to "Can You Add Font to Canva?" is a definite YES! But remember, to unlock this fontastic feature, you'll need to grab yourself a PRO account.