Can I Download a Font From Canva?

Can I Download a Font From Canva?

Can I Download a Font From Canva?

Many users wonder if they can download fonts from Canva, the popular graphic design platform. Fonts play a crucial role in creating eye-catching designs and adding personality to your projects. In this article, we will explore whether Canva allows you to download fonts and how you can use them effectively in your designs.

Exploring Canva's Font Library

Canva offers an extensive font library that includes a wide range of fonts suitable for various design purposes. To access the font library, start by launching Canva and opening a new project or selecting an existing one. Once you are in the editor, click on the text element or add a new one.

Adding Text: To add text to your design, click on the "Text" tab located on the left side of the editor. Choose from the available text elements like headings, subheadings, and paragraph text by simply dragging and dropping them onto your canvas.

Selecting Fonts: After adding a text element, click on it to reveal the editing options at the top of the editor. The default font will be displayed, but you can easily change it by clicking on the dropdown menu next to "Font" and selecting a different font style from Canva's library.

Downloading Fonts From Canva

Unfortunately, Canva does not provide an option to directly download fonts from their platform. However, there are alternative methods to access and use these fonts outside of Canva for other design projects or applications.

1. Screenshotting Text:

One way to use Canva's fonts outside of their platform is by taking screenshots of the desired text elements. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Select the Text: Choose the text element in Canva that you want to use outside of the platform.
  • Take a Screenshot: Use your computer's screenshot tool or a third-party tool to capture the selected text.
  • Edit and Save: Open the screenshot in an image editing software and crop or edit it as needed. Finally, save the image file containing the desired text.
  • Use in Other Applications: You can now import the image with the desired font into other design software or applications for further use.

2. Font Identification:

If you are looking to identify a specific font used in a Canva design, but you don't have access to it outside of Canva, you can use online tools such as WhatTheFont or Identifont. These tools analyze uploaded images or provide specific font details to help you find similar fonts that you can download and use elsewhere.

Incorporating Downloaded Fonts Into Your Designs

Once you have downloaded fonts from other sources or found alternatives through font identification tools, you can easily incorporate them into your designs using design software like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or even Microsoft Word.

In Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator: Install the downloaded font on your computer by double-clicking on it and selecting "Install." Once installed, open Photoshop or Illustrator and access the font from the dropdown menu in the text tool options.

In Microsoft Word: Install the downloaded font on your computer by double-clicking on it and selecting "Install." The font will now be available in the font list within Microsoft Word, allowing you to use it in your documents.


While Canva does not provide an option to directly download fonts, you can still make use of their extensive font library by taking screenshots of desired text elements and using font identification tools to find similar alternatives. Once downloaded, you can easily incorporate these fonts into your designs using various design software applications. So go ahead, explore Canva's font library, get creative with your designs, and enhance them with unique fonts that suit your style!