Are Canva Fonts Copyrighted?

Are Canva Fonts Copyrighted?

What is copyright?

Copyright is a legal protection that grants exclusive rights to the creators of original works, such as art, literature, music, and software. It ensures that the creators have control over how their work is used and allows them to benefit from their creations.

Can you copyright fonts?

Yes, fonts can be copyrighted as they are considered original creative works. Font creators can apply for copyright protection to safeguard their designs from unauthorized use. Copyright protects the specific expression of the font, including its design, arrangement, and other distinctive elements.

Are Canva Fonts Copyrighted?

Canva offers a vast collection of fonts for its users, which can be used for various design purposes. While Canva provides these fonts for users to access and utilize in their designs, the fonts themselves are not owned by Canva.

Canva typically licenses these fonts from third-party foundries or typeface designers. The copyright status of the fonts available on Canva depends on the individual fonts and their respective creators. Some fonts may be released under open-source or free licenses, allowing users to freely use and modify them for personal or commercial projects.

Other fonts may have more restrictive licenses that require permission or payment for commercial use. When using fonts in Canva, it is important to review the terms of use for each font and adhere to any restrictions or permissions specified by the font's license.

Canva itself provides guidance on using fonts within its platform, and users should respect any limitations set by the font creators or foundries.

Who owns the copyright in a design made in Canva? This depends on its composition. Generally speaking, if you’re the creator of an original design, you’re also its copyright holder. But if you used third-party content (e.g. stock media from the Canva library) in your design, your ownership is subject to those third-party rights. Canva gives you non-exclusive licenses to use various elements in your designs, including photos, graphics, videos, fonts, and music.

That being said most Canva fonts are from the Google Font Library and they are all commercially free to use and not copyrighted, but it's always good to check just in case.


In conclusion, fonts can be copyrighted, including those used in Canva. However, the copyright status of Canva fonts depends on the individual font and its license.

While Canva provides access to a wide range of fonts, it is crucial to review and abide by the terms of use for each font to ensure compliance with copyright restrictions. That being said most of the fonts from Canva are not copyrighted and you can use them however you wish.