Is 8designers a good alternative to Creatopy?

Is 8designers a good alternative to Creatopy?

Update: 8designers is now completely free to use. Use the free templates to generate ad sets, no signup required.

8designers is a cheaper alternative to Creatopy! 

What is Creatopy?

Creatopy is an ads design tool made for advertisers. It was launched in 2021 after it was rebranded from the popular website Bannersnack. It was founded in Romania and has over 100 employees.  You can automate, animate, generate ads for your campaigns easily and without having to spend lots of money on designers.

What is 8designers?

8designers was founded and launched in 2022. It's currently a one-man project (+a developer) and it's a bundle of tools aimed to help bootstrappers or small advertisers save a bit of time and money and generate high quality designed ads. 

Creatopy or 8designers? Who's cheaper?

Creatopy doesn't have a free pricing plan and their monthly subscription currently starts at $32 per user. 
8designers has a freemium subscription model. This means we have a free plan with some limitations for non registered users. For paid users the pricing starts at $7.99 per month. We also have separate pricing tiers for our API services and we also give users an option to purchase lifetime access if they don't want to have active subscriptions to use our product with unlimited access.

Who has more features? Creatopy or 8designers?

Creatopy is overall more robust and has way more features that are well polished. On the other hand 8designers was designed with minimalism and simplicity in mind. Our goal was to make it as easy as possible to generate ads from templates, this means we have less features but overall have more quality when it comes to using our API to automate processes.

Who offers integrations?

Creatopy at the moment offers dropbox integrations and google drive but doesn't mention tools like Zapier or Airtable. 8designers doesn't offer any integrations either at the moment, maybe soon. You can automate ads via our API. 


Both 8designers and Creatopy aim to offer advertisers a way to generate visual content for ads and banners. While 8designers is a cheaper alternative Creatopy offers more features. 

8designers is a cheaper alternative to Creatopy with a free access plan.