Alternative to Abyssale for ads design

Alternative to Abyssale for ads design

Update: 8designers is now completely free to use. Use the free templates to generate ad sets, no signup required.

8designers, a cheaper alternative to Abyssale! 

What is Abyssale?

Abbysale is a tool to generate and automate images for social media e-commerce, advertising and e-mail marketing. It was founded in 2019, has raised a total of $850k in funding so far and has a team of 9 members. It's an alternative tool to big names like Crello, Canva and major design tools like Photoshop, Adobe XD or Figma. Abyssale offers an easy way for advertisers to generate visual content they can use for their campaigns. 

What is 8designers?

8designers was founded and launched in 2022. It's currently a one-man project (+a developer) and it's a bundle of tools aimed to help bootstrappers or small advertisers save a bit of time and money and generate high quality designed ads. 

Abyssale or 8designers? Who's cheaper?

Abyssale doesn't have a free pricing plan and their monthly subscription currently starts at $50 per user. 
8designers has a freemium subscription model. This means we have a free plan with some limitations for non registered users. For paid users our pricing starts at $7.99 per month. We also have separate pricing tiers for our API services and we also give users an option to purchase lifetime access if they don't want to have active subscriptions to use our product with unlimited access.

Who has more features? Abyssale or 8designers?

While Abyssale focuses on creating a more robust tool for various needs 8designers is focusing more on offering on one specific area: we offer ads. Static ads, animated ads, html5 ads, and dynamic ads via our API. We do not focus a lot on social media content, or banners although you could use the tool for that purposes too. 

When it comes to features both products are great but if you're looking for a complex tool that offers different things for different needs then 8designers might not be for you. We offer a very specific service and we're aiming to improve in this one specific area. Our audience is advertisers, specifically advertisers for small products or bootstrappers. 

Who offers integrations?

Abyssale seem to focus more on offering integrations for platforms like Zapier and Airtable. 8designers doesn't offer any integrations at the moment, maybe soon. You can automate ads via our API. 


Both 8designers and Abyssale aim to offer advertisers a way to generate visual content for ads and banners. While 8designers is a cheaper alternative Abyssale offers more features. 

8designers is a way cheaper alternative to Abyssale with a free access plan.  

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